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Asus Rampage VI Extreme Encore SLI reading backwards HELP!

Level 8

I have the Rampage Encore board with the (ek-quantum momentum rog rampage vi encore d-rgb - plexi) Mono block. I have 2 EVGA RTX 2080Ti Hydro coppers in slots 16-1 and 16-2 with nvlink bridge. The problem is my monitor is plugged into the top card and Nvidia control panel shows it in the bottom. I am getting stutter in games with SLI disabled and with enabled. I am on my 3rd motherboard and I am ready to pull my hair out. I have tried everything I can think of. I swapped cards, cleared cmos, tried bios 401 and 702,checked that PCI lanes are x16 x16 x8, video card in bios is on 16-1, Removed 2080tis and installed GTX 980tis one at a time and discovered that when I introduce the second card in slot 16-2 is when it gets confused. I have a 970 EVO NVME on DIMM.2-1 on PCH side, I think. I pulled the DIMM.2 and put in a 2.5 SSD installed windows 10 fresh on that SSD and still the same thing. I then plugged my RTX 2080Tis into my Rampage V and the cards work normal , like they are supposed to, tried DDU and various Nvidia drivers.

I am wondering if anyone else has installed the same mono block and might have some insight into that block. That is the only thing I cant rule out. Thoughts would be much appreciated.


Level 8
Thanks AndrasROG!

You know, now that you mentioned this. I have been dealing with this since late October. I have windows 10 Pro with the automatic update windows registry hack on it. I decided to do an updated after I moved my windows image over to the new board, and I think I might have seen something from Intel. Before I packed up my board to send to Asus I was also troubleshooting the sound problem for this board. I got this board last Saturday and just installed it on Monday to discover it had the same problem with an addition of no sound. I decided to re-load my original Image, and noticed that everything was much quicker. Unfortunately I didnt test any games because of focusing on the sound issues.

When I get the replacement board, hopefully soon. I will try your suggestion.
Thanks for your help.

Level 13
3 X299 MOBOs, a pair of 1080Tis and a pair of 2080Tis all did the same and didn’t change performance in the least. One card in and top slot shows as 1. Add second and top slot shows as 2. Only difference is a different number in Nvidia software in the number. It still shows my output coming from the same card, just it’s now labels as #2.*

No performance hits

Level 8
Hello BigJohnny!

Thanks for the reply. Nice OC and 3D Mark score!

Well it sounds like this is a common thing on Asus Rampage VI boards. I have had all of the Rampage boards from the past and none of them did this including the Rampage V. It looks like SLI is becoming a thing of the past. Most games don't support it anymore, that is a shame. I am glad that you brought this to my attention. I now realize that this is a Asus Rampage VI thing, and not something wrong with the board.

Thanks for letting me know.

I have the same issue.The strange thing is that when I had 1080Ti Turbo SLI-all was good. Top card primary,lower-secondary. After installing 3090 SLI my top card became secondary and lower card became primary. I have the same EK monoblock,all 8 DIMM slots accupied. I have no idea what to do. Did make BIOS default-still no luck. I think will have to live with it.