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Asus rampage vi aura chip defective?

Level 7
Hello all. I had to replace my original board because of a broken header. The new board is brand new but when I installed it and started it up I noticed the RGBs on the board were not working. I uninstalled and reinstalled the newest aura. Not working. When opening the Asus aura app, none of the RGB headers on the motherboard show there and none of the board light areas are there ( PCH, logo board, backplate, IO cover, etc). The only thing that does show in aura is my trident ram, and my GPUs. Anyone have any idea how to fix this or what’s going on? Bios is updated to the newest. And I also cleared CMOS.*

Level 9
the lights on the board should light up when powered on, aura is not needed for them to work. so, unfortunately, it looks like you got a faulty board. the issue may be something trivial, like an unplugged motherboard LED cable, but still it's not something that you should have to troubleshoot by yourself.
so just RMA...

Level 13
Are the less set to on in the BIOS?

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