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ASUS Pro WS W790 ACE PCIE ISSUES. Wrong slots running at x16

Level 7

My build:

CPU: Xeon w3-2423 
Memory: 2x Kingston 32 GB ECC Registered DDR5-4800

The Issue:

I got 3 RTX 4090's,  in slots 1, 4, 5. Now in the bios it says only slot 1,2,3 are running at 16x, when i try to change 4 and 5 the only option i get is "8x or 4x4x". I also got both nvme slots used on the board. But if i understand correctly they only use 4 lanes each. That means with the gpu's: 16 * 3 + 8 = 56. Which is well in the 64 lanes this cpu should handle. 

How can i have the slots with the GPU's running at 16x?


Level 10

Slot 4 cannot run x16, only x0/x8.

I run x16 on 1,3,5.   CPU: W5-2455x

Here's a link to your slot assignments: