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ARGB headers not working (aura likely the issue, but maybe something else)

Level 8
I am have an issue with my R6EE. I have three addressable strips and none of them are getting any signal to them. I have messed around in the bios a fair but but could be completely missing some setting.

I have an EK velocity CPU block connected to the header by the memory. I assume ARGB 1. I have a custom panel and a corsair GPU block connected to ARGB 2.

The velocity block has been on for about a year and I have never seen it lit up. Honestly forgot that it even did.

I just added the GPU block and that also does nothing. The custom panel used to display the aura colors but now it is just white as it gets power from a sata power plug.

Read lots of stuff and it seems to be armory crate being what it is. But I am hoping that I am just missing something in the bios. -_-

Level 8
Just going to put this here for anybody that sees it. Seems I had two issues. One is that I has a corsair block going to the adapter to the splitter with my panel. That seems to be the primary culprit but I also had something weird going on with my motherboard and the cpu block.

I was starting some 3d mark runs overclocking the GPU only. Went to overclock the CPU and the board seemed borked up. Started digging and found that I was not showing channel A memory at all. I have 2 16GB sticks there. I know that since x99 these boards like to drop channels when the cooler is too tight. So I loosened the thumb screws on the block a full turn on each and got my memory to all show and all my LEDs work except the gpu block.

So anyhow, everything is functioning except the GPU block which I will troubleshoot now.