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Z490-i question

Level 8
I recently built a computer:
Asus Z490-i Gaming
I9-10900K (Celcius 240 liquid cooled AIO)
32 gb Corsair (now thermalake 16gb)
850 Corsair PSU
Samsung 970 EVO plus 2TB
GeForce RTX 2080 TI
Factual Design Core 500 case

My question is, is there a VRM Heatsink Fan?
a few reviews on youtube (or rather unboxing reviews) claim there is
but in my bios, under monitor tab it shows: N/A beside the "VRM Heatsink Fan Speed" (which is set to enabled)

how i came to this question..
Bios 607
this board has been a nightmare..
i have 3 sets of RAM in a drawer, all are on QVL list for this board..
enabling XMP on some ram causes an endless loop. but most just crashes (computer just randomly shuts off and reboots)
M.2 hard drive using samsung magician software reports temps under light load at 60 to 65 degrees.. too hot (im only running 1 drive)

i know this is a small form factor and is prone to heat issues but i have not played a game or anything intensive yet and HD is getting how..
initially i thought that was the reason for the crashing.. after rulling out and going through several sets of RAM)

the M.2 heat sinks are sorta connected to the heatsinks over the external plugins which are also sorta connected to the VRM...
im wondering if there is fans and their not working, thats why my HD is so hot.. or maybe i need to figure out how to get another fan inside the case and point it at the HD heatsink


Level 7
in my maximus xii hero i received a small like 30x30mm fan that mounts on little standoff metal frame that is connected to one of the motherboard case screws that goes over vrm area.

although given im running a Noctura cpu cooler its pointless as would not fit where it was supposed to be mounted lol

can anyone tell me is the pic i posted the same as their Z490-I gaming monitor section in the bios?

Hey Sarum,

I have identical observations on RAM and VRM fan. I enable VRM fan in bios, but it reports blank or N/A both in bios and in the AI Suite program reporting. I watched the fan on the board and never saw it spin up, though I have read that you won't see it move until the VRM hits a specific temp, so perhaps it never got that hot in my testing.

My build is with a 10900K and NZXT H1 using its stock 140mm AIO, so I can only run all cores up to roughly 5.0 to 5.1 GHz before hitting thermal limits!

As for RAM, I have a 2 x 16GB G.Skill CL16 3600 MHz pair. When running just a single stick, I can run full XMP profile no issues (either XMPI or XMPII in bios). When running both sticks, I get random system crashes, as well as crashes instantly trigger via the handbrake test in realbench as well as Intel Extreme Tuning Utility stress test.

I had previously seen this with the same build and a 10700 CPU, and just managed to get my hands on the 10900K to upgrade and find the same issues. I found with the 10700 at least I could load XMP profile and then reduce clock speed down to 2400 MHz with the 0607 bios, and something like 2933 on the 0703 bios. Since I was getting crashes again with XMP profile on the new CPU, I just let it run at stock for now until ASUS gets a handle on this... really hoping it's just a bios fix. I saw those crashes on the 10900K running it totally stock before I played around with any OC...

The real interesting part is that I don't see the crashes when just doing a simple memtest via memtest HCI, memtest64, memtest86. Only in the simultaneously CPU intensive tests, but crashes go away if RAM speed is reduced.