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z390 E Gaming: problem streaming movies from local server over LAN

Level 7
I have a Lubuntu laptop that acts as a Samba server for sharing movies over my local network.

Problem: on my new PC (Asus z390 E Gaming mobo), when I try to play back a movie from the server, playback stops after 30 seconds or so.
It's interesting that this also happens with my old PC (Asus z97 Hero VII) in the same way.
The common denominators between the two PCs are Windows 10 (latest 1909 build) and Intel wired ethernet NIC.

This problem does NOT appear under the following circumstances:
- on z97 Hero when using Windows 7
- on z390 E Gaming when using the Intel Wireless NIC

Both connections (wired and wireless) go through the same router/modem.

What I've tried (hasn't worked):
- Different video players (Windows Media Player, MPC-HC and Vlc)
- Changing buffer size in VLC
- Making sure that media-streaming related services are running
- Updating the Intel Wired NIC driver from what came with Windows/Windows Update to the latest driver on the ASUS website (

So, given this, I assume that something is wrong with the Intel Wired NIC driver for Windows 10 or its configuration.
I'd be very happy if someone tries to reproduce this. And if you have any suggestion what could be done to stream/share movies successfully over LAN - maybe changing some advanced settings for the NIC under Device Manager?

Thank you

Level 7
Might be a problem of your server harddrive. Because when harddrive halts the PC halts.