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x570e 3950x random black screen, no longer posts

Level 7
Mobo: Asus X570E Gaming
CPU: AMD 3950X
RAM: F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC
SSD: Corsair Force MP600 1TB NVME PCIe 4
PSU: EVGA 1000W T2
VGA: 5700XT Liquid Devil PCIe 4
Monitor: ASUS 1080P 240hz

CPU & GPU both water cooled by a custom loop by EKWB products.

Bought PSU/Mobo/CPU/Ram in mid Jan 2020. Assembled, used old 970 evo SSD, 1050 Ti, and my ASUS 4K 60hz monitor. Running bios 1405 entire time. Used DRAM calculator to tweak timings, everything ran great. No issues, fast, boots constantly, cant complain at all.

Mid March 2020 added the 5700XT Liquid Devil, MP600 SSD, and 240hz 1080p monitor. Updated bios to 1407 at this time since there was no OS involved; Reapplied DRAM calculator timings and Installed windows, etc. Played some games for about 2 days. Middle of 3rd day was idling and thought it went to sleep. Cant wake up. Find the system is 'stuck' so powered off with PSU switch. Turned it back on, the motherboard boots to a code of 63, which in the manual is "CPU DXE Initialization" and there is a white VGA light illuminated above the 24 pin power connector.

I have:
BIOS Flashback to 1405 via USB & Button on back. Appears to have taken, since the first bootup takes longer and cycles a few times.
Cleared CMOS between basically every step below (disconnect power, remove battery, jump the pins for 60 seconds
Swapped in a known working GPU <-> Validated new GPU works in known working system
Swapped in a known working PSU <-> Validated new PSU works in a known working system
Swapped in a known working RAM <-> Validated new RAM works in known working system
Swapped in a known working SSD <-> Validated new SSD works in a known working system
Swapped in a known working Monitor <-> Validated new monitor works in a known working system (including trying new DP & HDMI cables)
Bought a new X570E motherboard -> Tested on the cardboard box with no peripherals, front panel, usb, etc (except monitor) connected.

Still get a code of 63 and white VGA light is illuminated.

Temps were always low, never exceeded ~70c under full load synthetic benchmarks.

Been building computers for a number of years, all signs appear to pointing to a bad CPU at this point. I've never seen a CPU just die in the middle of a day like this. Posting here to get any additional insight or suggestions from anyone else who may have experienced this, or if anyone knows anything further on what code 63 can represent. I really don't want to send in my CPU to AMD unless I absolutely have to. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.