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X570 E-Gaming Sound cracking leads to extreme lag / low fps

Level 7
Hey guys,

bought a X570 E-Gaming a couple of days ago and noticed a very annoying problem.
When starting a game (especially Cryengine-Games, but also Squad, which is Unreal-Engine) the sounds starts cracking,
and the whole system slows down extremely, even the cursor starts skipping.
Playing the game results in even more stutter and unplayable lag.

I got bios 14.04 and Driver 6.0.8751.1 from the ASUS-website.

After several restarts (sometimes one, sometimes three), everything works fine until next day.

Listen to it here, recorded during Mechwarrior Online:

I just called the ASUS-Support, and after talking to LVL-2 support the guy on the phone told me
to reinstall my windows and use the drivers that come over windows update, because my "very specific" (original quote!) games
run better without Asus-Drivers. "Very Specific" ? Every second game runs on either Cry or Unreal Engine.

And thats where I completely lost it - So I bought a 300€ motherboard which is advertised with what ASUS has the audacity to call "supreme"-Audio,
and they don't even have proper OR the latest Drivers for it. Asus Website 6.0.8751.1, realtek already has 6.0.8899.1 WHQL. But I don't want to spend 300€ for having to download my drivers from some shady website from some guys who appearently stole it from realteks internal forums. A lot of high class asus mainboards feature the realtek 1220 "supreme" audio chipset, so I dont get why the drivers are from AUGUST 2019.

Best thing was when the guy told me i needed to reinstall my windows to check if this is a hardware-failure, and then I would have to send it to ASUS for repairs.

Seriously, I am open for your Ideas, but if that is all ASUS can do for me, this will definitly be my last ASUS product after all the monitors and graphic cards I bought.

Oh, and one thing: it is extremely annoying waiting days for an administrator to unlock your account for the rog-forums when you got problems with your products.

Level 7
Just fyi: the windows-update driver does not fix the issue, I guess the board is broken then, i dont even care anymore.
Bad news, I hope the retailer lets me change it for a Gigabyte Aorus Ultra 😕