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Word can’t open*DocumentName.docx

Level 7
Hi all,

I have Office 2013 on Windows 8.1. MS Word has worked fine for me until today. When i try to open Word document i am getting this error, "Word can’t open DocumentName.docxbecause we found a problem with its contents"
I have followed the microsoft support site's suggestions for this error up until the point of reinstalling Word. Is there something I can do myself to fix Word document?

Level 7
any help please?

Level 13
If you've done reinstalling but the problem persisted,... well maybe try opening it sith OpenOffice (free) to try to at least see if the file is open-able.

Sorry if the help is lacking here. The nature of your question in a ROG forum is peculiar enough. And I don't think anybody is willing to download a copy of your .docx document out of security concern.
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Level 10
Have you tried opening the file in another pc? If reslult is the same, probably a corrupted file. Try renaming file extension to .doc and open it again.*

Level 14
try open office, its free, unless you want to uninstal and do fresh instal of current win office.

Your file is probably damaged. In this case i recommend you to download a special application.
Here the link:
You may export repaired contents to Microsoft Word or save as a text file.

or try to upload your document here

Thanks for help friends!