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Wolfenstein bundle redeem problem (Rog STRIX 2080Ti OC, 1350Eur)

Level 7
Good evening!

Bought 1350 Eur ROG STRIX 2080Ti OC edition GPU 4 days ago (rly, just love ROG trademark, have MB CH7, Monitor PG278QR, kb, mouse, MOUSE PAD, terminal and even phone (admins can see my registered products i hope..)),
here is my full ROG B'n'Build witth OLD *** 1080 card:

NOW i feel a bit dissapointed..

I live in Latvia, before reading terms of current promotion (Wolfenstein + Control), and after bying current GPU, there is no sign, that current promotion DON'T WORK FOR NORTHERN EUROPE countries...

I bought my card in one of BIGGEST electroins retailers in Latvia (RD Electronics in my case, they officially sell LG, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Dell, E.t.c).
After recieving my GPU from them (RD Electronics), i was surprised that - THEY DON'T KNOW ABOUT CURRENT PROMOTION, and all they could aid me was - CONTACT ASUS DIRECTLY.

Ok, before coming here, i tried to contact OFFICIAL ASUS REPRESENTIVE in my country (LATVIA), screenshots bellow ... seems they just ignored my message (P.S. message is in Latvian, but in short i'ts : I bought XXX Card, and i see i'm opted for XXX promotion, how can i redeem it?) - KEEP IN MIND, i contacted them @21.08.2019 (maybe they'r busy, maybe other reasons, who knows - but today it's 24.08 allready, and as far as i see - they didn't even read my message....).

Ok, second step was as consulted on your REDEEM PAGE HERE:
Long QUOTE LOWER (From URL provider in previous sentence):

If you encounter any redemption issues, please visit here and follow below steps for redemption:
Step 1: Enter Your Details, name and email address
Step 2: Choose Subject “Other”, and enter “Game Bundle Redemption-Control & Wolfenstein”
Step 3: Enter your Message including:
(1) Your country/region of residence
(2) Product serial number Find your serial number
(3) Product PPID Find your PPID
(4) Your valid receipt with clear show of date of purchase. Please upload your receipt to any cloud space(for example Dropbox, WeTransfer, ASUS Webstorage) and provide a download URL.

I filled current form... AND... NOTHING.. no reply, no accknowledgement that feedback/ticket was received - NOTHING;..

My next step: LETS CHECK IF CURRENT PRODUCT IS REDEEMED (Local retailer redeeming keys and resseling accounts?): NO - Redeem status page, by checking PPID IS responding : PRODUCT NOT REDEEMED (So my GPU IS APPLICABLE FOR REDEEMING!!!).

So my main question is, if current promotion works for northern europe countries - if yes, why i have such huge problems redeeming my purchase ...
If after all i'm not applicable for redeeming current promotion - why don't you just show current info on promotion page?
What should i do? How can i radeem current promotion?
Thank you! (Hope this question stays here....).

THIS is what (AND WHERE) i bought:

Level 7
Forgot screenshot from my post to official representive in my contry - adding now.