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With or without OS

Level 7
Hi guys, I'm still having doubts to get my rog scar strix II with or without OS.
Countries like US or Mexico they told me they don't sell machines without OS, but in Argentina or even Russia they sell without OS as an option. The thing is, many ROG users are saying that's totally important to backup the "eSupport" but to get that folder we need to buy it with W10.
I know this sounds maybe stupid for you but I wonder what if I waste a lot of money in a machine than then returning home it’ll turn me crazy because many features won't work.

Any of you got an Asus laptop without OS?

Level 7
Every Device (Including Laptops and Desktop) need an OS to function otherwise you are left A machine that can access UEFI or BIOS settings. So for your question Its easier to get it with an OS since most of the drivers are stable *and has windows 10 on it. But if you don’t get an OS on it. You can still load an OS on it. All you need is a usb drive and the software. If you want windows 10 you will need the product key. If the original OS is windows*
7 and below there will be a sticker for the product key. windows 8 and above the Product key is burned into the motherboard. So all you would need to do is create a windows bootable usb in this case you can YouTube it to frighten it out. You might also have to change the boot order as well ( in addition make sure it’s a UEFI boot). For Linux it the same as well just no product key since it’s open source.
So if you’re willing to do a little work in that you could turn a non os to an os. In addition when downloading drivers form Asus get the one will that download the other drivers. For new Asus pcs or laptops 2017 and aboveAsus live update utility. For old ones 2017 and belowAsus command. I say this because I had trouble downloading it form their website. So when I download the one that will update all I know it will work
I hope this helped**

Overall It might be Easier to go with an os Machine. But If you’re willing to spend time you could get non OS and turn it into an OS machine *