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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Free @

Level 7
Thread Deleted due to oversight of ongoing thread on same subject, sorry admins
Thermaltake Level 10 GT Case
Thermaltake 1050 Grand PSU
Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Plus
Asus Rampage IV Extreme Mobo
Intel LGA 2011 i7 3820 3.6Ghz CPU
(4) Corsair 4Gb 1600Mhz Memory Modules [16Gb Quad Channel]
Aerocool Touch 2000 Fan Controller
Samsung 128GB SSD 6GB/Sec SATA Drive
Radeon HD 7770 GPU (Eyefinity 3 wide on 22" LED AOC Monitors)
LG 24x DVD/RW Drive
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
Saitek X52 Pro Combat Joystick
Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit

Level 11
hummm we have a tread about it, I don't know why you call it iWindows . The OSX is intuitive, this Metro BS is a garbage and no sense, the idea of a lunatic at Microsoft. I have it install on a VM since the first day , I don't open it anymore. I hope Microsoft will pay the price, you don't force peoples.