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Windows 7 - Random performance slowdown

Level 7
Windows 7 Home Premium
(Z170 patch too)

Intel i7 6700K (No OC)

16GB DDR4 2133mhz

2 SSDs + 2 HDDs

BenQ XL2420T @ 1080p120hz

GIGABYTE GTX 970 G1 GAMING (No OC) + latest drivers

Logitech G213 + G502 Proteus Core (Latest version of the software)

At random times my PC likes to play dumb and make the entire system go slow, making mouse wheel scrolling, window dragging and the Translucent selection from the mouse AT THE DESKTOP to go more slower than normal

Here's a video of it (Been having it for years yet no solution)

Then fun fact is that, if i press Windows+Tab, it might not do a thing (Aka show the 3D window choosing) at the 1st time.. But if i do it again it does.. And whenever i choose a window or go back to the desktop, the problem VANISHES....Temporally, it is random when it'll come back again

I am looking for a PERMANENT solution to this..I think back then i've tried disabling the Aero theme (Making everything flat again) but i think that didn't worked neither...

Note that when this happens i open the task manager's Processes, choose CPU (so that the highest is shown) and whenever i do the mouse spin around the desktop (in the vid) i see that explorer.exe is affected by it.. But there's a probability that it might not be the case...
Any help, please?