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Windows 11 - Online Chipset drivers missing devices. Use CD

Level 7
Windows 11 Prerelease drivers missing in online Chipset download.

I just installed Windows 11 on my Maximus XIII Hero and noted a problem with the Chipset drivers on the website. They are missing drivers for several devices and will show up in your Device Manager with the warning symbol. I searched the INF files and confirmed there are no drivers for these devices on the Chipset driver on the website. I would be surprised if this problem didn't also present itself on Windows 10.

The solution was to install the Chipset driver that came on the CD. Lucky I still have a CD/DVD/BR drive in the system. It installed the devices correctly. I then updated the drivers using the ones on the ASUS website for the Maximus XIII Hero and it worked like a charm. I then checked the INF files on the CD and sure enough the devices were indeed listed.

So if you get any errors doing a clean install, use the drivers on the CD if you can first then update to the ones on line.

Senior Windows Tech