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windows 11 memory integrity disabled

Level 7
Hi to everybody. I have an issue. On my Windows 11 if I enable memory integrity option, after rebooting, ASUS suite III doesn't boot and Windows shows me some error messages in which refers to the fact that it couldn't to start any asus drivers. Is it a well known problem? My motherboard is maximus hero viii. Thanks in advance.

Level 9
There is a work for this. Go into the BIOS and turn off VT. I did it and it worked!
Good luck.

Level 7

I had the same issue and ended up removing the Asus software. If it's not compliant with virtualization and kernel protection mechanisms it's bad software and I don't want it on my system.

Turning off security mechanism in the OS just to get a shiny speed-o-meter reporting my fan speed is a terrible trade-off, won't do it.

Level 10

I have the same problem.

Why does Armory offer it, if it poses a problem with Microsoft's security?


Level 7

Just got a new ASUS Creator Motherboard and was planning to use the AI Suite however I had the same msgs pop up as dubignyp...I'm not disabling a OS security feature to install any software.  Disappointed in ASUS not figuring this out...bad first impression with my first ASUS motherboard.  Likely going back to Gigabyte on my next build if this is a sign of things to come.

Level 11

imho, maybe ASUS should fix AI Suite III so it works with the Windows 11 security features? 

All of the other system monitoring software from other vendors seems to be able to do that without any problems.  🤔

Have a Good One! 😎

It's true that on my old Asus Rog Maximus Hero Z390 motherboard I had the AI Suite in the later version and never had this problem with the anti-virus.
It surprised me that it does this with the new version, so if it is an error from Asus indeed they should correct it.