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Will the MSI Xpander-Z Gen 4 M.2 PCI card work on an Asus board?

Level 8

In the field I work in I have a client who is always getting rid of random new tech since they have more money then they know what to do with. Today I got a new unused MSI XPANDER-Z GEN 4 M.2 PCI extender card as well as an MSI 10Gb Super Lan PCI 1x card. My co-worker got the better end of the deal and walked off with a new RTX 2070

Anyways it was free stuff so Im not complaining 🙂

I was doing some research but didn't see much online for people trying these devices in non MSI boards.

Anyone know if they will work on ASUS board? (Mines a crosshair hero VII)

Was wanting to test it out and so on but not sure if its exclusive to MSI or not. Cant find much info unless my Google Fu is less then par today...