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Will IRST work with Intel Optane Memory and a non-OS HDD on the Formula XI

Level 7
Hello, I am buying the ROG XI Formula. I have a 6TB HDD for my Steam library. I want to use a 32gb Intel Optane Memory module with Intel Rapid Storage Technology as a cache for the HDD. I have read that on some motherboards this can only be done with an HDD where the OS is installed. I read the whole motherboard manual but did not see this info. Anyone have an insight? Thanks.

I may have found the answer to my question on the Intel website.
With the latest Intel® Optane™ memory and Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) applications (version or later), the Secondary/Data drive can be accelerated with Intel Optane memory modules.

Hardware/Software Requirements:
For processor/chipset support requirements, please see Software and Platform Support for Intel® Optane™ Memory.
- Drives that are Type 'Dynamic' aren't supported. Drive must be in Type 'Basic' as seen in Disk Management (Windows logo + x and select Disk Management)
- Secondary drive must be formatted with a GPT partition
- Intel Optane memory-enabled motherboard with the Intel® RST Pre-OS UEFI Driver version or later. Consult your motherboard vendor for the proper system BIOS version for this support.

So as long as the motherboard has Intel® RST Pre-OS UEFI Driver version or later I should be set.