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Why I returned all Asus notebooks - coil whine and loud fans

Level 7
Asus - the no PWM king - don't get me wrong not putting PWN screens - is best thing Asus is doing considering even Apple uses PWM screens - heck this alone will make me buy Asus.


I returned like 7 asus notebooks in the last few months ( thanks amazon ) . Why ? Coil whine and loud fans.

Sorry but if you think I am gonna buy Zenbook for 1500 EUR and sit and listen to coil whine - you are insane.

Few months ago all Asus notebooks I bought had it and all went back - the 13.3 Zenbook flip series, the 14 inch Zenbook flip , the 15 Inch Zenbook Flip had it - I really wanted to have that notebook , the 15 inch Zenbook too..... But also the STrix II ROG also had it . ( did not try the laterst g731 ), basically all the Asus the generation from few months back

I mean there is flippin notebooks for 140 usd that dont have coil whine.

Besides coil whine I had to return the STrix II because of loud fans ( in addition to coil whine ) ... I get it that it is for gamers - I am just sad I could not buy that model - which is a shame coz I have g752VT and that is really smooth and silent - granted it weights 4 kilo ...

The fans - loud - no good management settings ..

Not only core gamers buy these notebooks - I work in pro environment and also at home in my room I won't be listening to fans 25 hours.

Again thank you for not using PWM on displays - coz too many people buy these PWM displays- they just don't know - Although it was a nasty trick to put a PWM display in the cheaper 15 Zenbook Flip compared to the higher spec of that model which had no PWM - and I wanted the cheaper model coz guess what - it had the lesser Intel GPU - hence less fan noise ..