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Who is Pitcher@ASUS???

Level 8
I purchased a G75VX about three months ago. Prior to that, I lurked about on forums checking to see what I might be getting myself into. Turns out, it was a great buy and I've been delighted ever since.

Well, the reason for the post is this. On the G75, G55 & G46 part of the forum there is a user that goes by the name of Pitcher@ASUS with an administrator tag. I don't think this person is an admin, just a user with nearly 2000 posts of what appear to be mostly useless advice.

While the community at large seems to be very committed to helping other owners (and potential owners) get to a result that is amicable, I don't get who this dude is or what good he serves for other people here. I guess he isn't hurting anyone but to carry an admin tag, that has to be a problem. I mean, new users could inadvertently turn to this guy, thinking he really knows what he's talking about, and end up with a bricked unit as a result.

Just sayin'

Level 15
Well you'll be rudely shocked to know Pitcher@ASUS is actually a part of the ASUS team, he does know what he's talking about and he's doing a pretty damn good job considering English isn't his 1st language, so cut the guy some slack...he's trying to help.

Level 8
Well, from where I'm standing it sure doesn't look like it. I am shocked. I'm shocked that ASUS would let one of their support staff interface with the public without the proper tools to do his/her job effectively. Cases in point:

Problem: Odd behavior with GTX670MX while operating with Win7

Pitcher's response: "ASUS have not provide Win 7 driver for G75VX, if you send RMA, i think it will reinstall back to Win 8."

Did this help resolve the issue? No.

Problem: Random shutdown's on a G55

Pitcher's response: "are you trying restore os? is it happen again?"

The user that presented the problem didn't indicate that they had even attempted to do an OS restore. Did Pitcher mean to ask the user to perform it? Maybe, but as you said English isn't his strong suit so helpful advice is lost in translation. The point I'm driving at is you may be correct, and this tech is here to help but as the primary language spoken in this forum is English, Pitcher is at a disadvantage helping because of it. In the five months of daily reading I do here, I haven't seen one user reply to his comments or even acknowledge him when it comes to tech support type advice.

I'm not knocking his language skills, I'm now pointing out that ASUS needs to rethink their support strategy on this forum and either provide him with a better vehicle to offer help or a forum outlet in his native language so he can be better understood.

Gumwars wrote:
Well, from where I'm standing it sure doesn't look like it.

Of course as a customer you are entitled to your opinion. If you feel any one individual would be of no help when you may need it you are free to explore other avenues of support and I suggest that is what you do. You have stated your opinion so I see no need for this thread to continue.

@Gumwars, the primary issue is that Pitcher doesn't have strong English skills, even though this forum is mostly English-speaking. We do need to be careful to note that he is trying to help, and is working through a significant language barrier. I have seen @Pitcher give some helpful advice once it is translated. Depending on the quality of Google Translate, he might want to try that, it can help, and seems to give pretty good results, so far as I have seen.
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