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Who is Asus' biggest rival in the whole industry?

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Just wondering who Asus' biggest rival is in the whole industry?

Hi johndoeasus

Any pc component manufacturer is a rival and Asus is number 1. 🙂

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Great answer but i need specifics 🙂

johndoeasus wrote:
Great answer but i need specifics 🙂

For video cards I imagine it'll be EVGA followed by MSI and Gigabyte.

For motherboards MSI followed by Gigabyte.

In the tablet category hands down Samsung and Apple.

Laptops would include MSI, Lenovo, Acer, Apple, HP and Dell.

Most of the electronic products I purchase are ASUS. All my MB's have been from ASUS as have two of three laptops. The tablet I bought for my daughter is also an ASUS. And now, given the fiasco at EVGA my next graphics card will most likely be an ASUS ROG Strix.
I'd like to deploy my troops in her country.


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Great. Thanks guys.*

Couldnt install the biggest Asus GPU on the Asus Maximus Hero VIII motherboard in the Mission SG GGX 2.0 case when the space wasnt optimal and i had to install the superb MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X instead.Thought MSI was a smaller hardware developer.Well, i guess i learn something every day.

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johndoeasus wrote:
Just wondering who Asus' biggest rival is in the whole industry?

For what?

Motherboard? GPU? full PCs? laptops?

Enthusiast products?

Desktop motherboards... Gigabyte has outsold ASUS a few times recently as far as I know so close thing for desktop motherboard sales.

ASRock also sells a lot of boards...

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On the basis of performance factors by which I judge, there is no one major rival but each market sector has a significant rival.

In nVidea video cards: EVGA and Galax make highly competitive performers, usually by selecting binned GPU and GDDR chips for their premium products.
In AMD video cards, there is no such rival.

In motherboards, ASRock recently made some with exceptional memory speed performance. The compromises needed still leave the corresponding ASUS boards better overall.

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ASUS is an AMD Technology Partner and an NVIDIA Authorized Board Partner.

Only ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte make both AMD and NVIDIA GPU cards.
About a dozen others - including Sapphire, PowerColor, Club3D, XFX, Diamond, HIS - only make AMD GPU cards.
About a dozen others - including EVGA, PNY, ZOTAC, and Galax - only make NVIDIA GPU cards.
ASUS's best GPU cards (typically ROG Matrix Platinums) are always among the best GPU cards, their biggest selling points are their excellent reputation for robustly-overkill engineering/reliability and overall good response to overclocking. The most magnificent factory-overclocked cards are rarely ASUS products, they can rarely push even faster overclocks, and they sometimes have a reputation for being fragile, finicky, cantankerous things which burn bright but also burn out quickly and often.
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