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Which one?

Level 7
HI guys this is my first time on this forum. So, when are these bad boys coming out? I cant find much on these laptops and am interested in buying one. I am just a casual gamer and will use this laptop for school and games such as starcraft 2 and LoL. I dont want to spend more than 1200. In your opinion, should i get and alienware, ROG, or other?

Level 12
ROG of course. Alienware is dell and dell= junk

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ROG! However the lowest priced G75v is the Best Buy Version for $1250. (Assuming your in the U.S. not too sure about pricing in other countries.) So it's a little over your budget, but you get so much more for the money compared to what you would get with an Alienware. I'm not going to say anything negative about Dell or Alienware as I have had Dell computers in the past and have not had issues wih them.

For 1200 bucks you could get a M11x or M14x but the specs are not going to be as good as with the ROG for that price.

Asus also made this laptop pretty easy to upgrade memory and Hard Drive, so you can do that in the future if you want to as well.

Anyway good luck with making a decision and purchase! I love my ROG!
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speed wrote:
ROG of course. Alienware is dell and dell= junk

Yes with modification..

The Ultrsharp's U serie's are great....

Level 18
.. be serious.
You joined and logged in to ask us if you should buy alienWare ? hahahhahaa
Now that's funny ....
ok.. In my opinion ... G Let me think. ... G that's tough ...
G I got it.. R O G ! G that wasnt so hard after all.

Welcome to theROGforum.c.

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I seen a Alienware m17 at the local Pawnshop....They said the owner sold it because he had purchased a laptop that really worked instead of looking good...! he bought an HP! I laughed for two days!

Level 17
Like they're saying, avoid alienware/dell. Don't ever touch HP with a ten-foot (no, make that twenty-) foot pole. The ROG line is the way to go, and if you need more battery life, look at the U36 series. They drop the optical drive but have discrete graphics and 8-10 hours of battery life. 🙂 Really, do you need a long battery life, because using laptops in class is usually a distraction--at least for most of my classmates.
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