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Which motherboard you would choose

Level 7
So im planning of building my first rig.
And im kinda lost with asus motherboard classification
Anyway..i need an advice of which motherboard to pick for best overclocking speeds without too fancy features.
I mostly looked on those two :

Rog maximus ix apex
Rog rampage vi apex

Have different choice? Please explain it.
Also would like to know if this mobos can handle 3way sli.
Many thanks!

Level 14
i would say it all comes down to your price range and what you are going to use it for.

the z270 is the cheap way compare to the x299 chipset.

and nvidia is a pita when it comes to 2+ GPU's ( they say (dono if they added more then 2+ suport on their software ) )
but this may have changed since after the 10xx series release, witch they said 2 sli was good enough compare to 3 - 4 way.

the Zx70 comes out with a new cpu and maby socket each year ( they have been changing back and forth the past few years now ) , the X299 comes out every year with a new cpu but same socket until they change it down the road.

Price in not an issue.. i am going to use the pc for fps games
Mostly.. again i am counting on extreme overclocking and havent decided yet which one of those would be better choice

Level 14
Maximus IX for gaming/performance/overclocking.
Apex is the oddball model. The choice for "record-breaking" maximum overclocking "at any cost", but it streamlines away other (important or useful) features and functions.
Extreme is the best model overall. A very strong overclocker with full motherboard functions and all the ROG features which enhance gaming.
Code is the best aircooled model. A strong overclocker with full motherboard functions and almost all the ROG features which enhance gaming.

Rampage VI for computing/overclocking.
Apex is again the oddball, built for maximum overclocking at the cost of sacrificing other things.
Extreme is again the best model overall, a good overclocker packed with full functionality and features.

Z270 mobos and LGA1151 CPUs run faster clocks (and overclocks) than any other Intel part. Fewer cores/threads and caches and lanes, but still easily capable of heavy gaming. Many i7-7700K CPUs can run stable overclocks >5.0GHz with adequate cooling (and de-lidding, lol), alongside extreme DDR4 speeds.

X299 mobos and LGA2066 CPUs run fairly fast clocks (and overclocks) but offer more cores/threads and caches and lanes, built for computing multithreaded madness.

The "X" in "Core i7-X" meant "Extreme" - biggest, baddest, best, fully unlocked.
The "X" in "Core i9-X" basically means "Xeon" - call it "Core i9-Xeon" - although with lesser specs and fewer technologies than a proper Enterprise-grade Xeon.
A big bad HEDT system is great at running multiple instances of multiple things, running many VMs, computing more complex tasks in parallel, being a fileserver for dozens of simultaneously-logged-on users, etc. It's built for boring reliable server types of stuff, high-density computing with maximum proven reliability and unexciting (but generally adequate) performance.

X299 vs Z270 is sort of like comparing a powerful Hummer vs a speedy Lamborghini. The bigger engine can haul more heavy data across harder computing terrain, but the faster engine wins the race every time when running smoothly-paved games.
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