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Where are the AM4 ROG Crosshair VI Formula and Code Motherboard ASUS?

Level 7
Hello my friends, I am new in the forum and this is my first post!

I would like to know if Asus already have plans to announce a AM4 ROG Crosshair VI Formula and Code Motherboard?


Level 14
So far there have been a couple of boards listed around the net with Hero being the top board so far, Crosshair VI Hero, Prime X370-PRO, Prime B350-PLUS, Prime B350M-A


I Know, but i want a ROG formula. I hope asus not delay too much it.

My Future Build Wiill be: ROG Crosshair VI Formula + R7 1800X :rolleyes::rolleyes:

I also would like to know if they plan to offer Crosshair VI Formula. Possibly with EK water blocks for the VRM. I have been an AMD fan since I started building almost 15 years ago. My current system is a 6700k on a Maximus Extreme, however I am a software developer as well as a gamer and could use the extra cores. I wanted good IPC for gaming and while 4 cores is plenty for now, I don't believe it will be long before more games are utilizing higher core counts. The 1100 price tag of the 6900k was the only thing holding me back. Shoot, I had planned to pre-order a build today and guess I'll go ahead with the Hero. If they drop a formula in 6 months I could always sell the Hero and buy one I guess.

haha! I remember having to wait nearly until Broadwell was available before the Formula VII was put on sale, it was delayed and delayed; I wouldn't hold your breath for a X370-based Formula. I'm about ready to pre-order a Crosshair Hero now, but I need ASUS to put up a Memory Compatibility List for it, please!!

Built in WiFi would be nice.

Level 7
A beefier VRM with a watercooling option maybe ?

Level 10
I think it's only matter of time for new ROG AM4 line.
I remember Crosshair 4 Formula, so reliable board compatible with 3 generations of processors.
Actually I searched for Crosshair 4 Extreme but because she was not available in my town I decide to go with Formula.

New AM4 Formula should arrive with Monoblock (VRM and CPU)... 😄