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What would you upgrade?

Level 7
Hey guys,
Been awhile.. just curious if you had the budget for one item which would it be ?
GTX 1080 strix OC or PG279q 1440p 165hz Monitor?
I currently have an GTX 780 OC and a VG278 1080p 144hz monitor.
Love to hear your thoughts

Hi differential

It's a tough call and both are nice pieces of hardware.

You could take the monitor and run at a lower resolution and save up for the 1080 Ti or the pascal titan.

Or you could take the 1080 and use the DSR factors setting in the NVidia control panel to raise the resolution on your 1080p monitor, you could then game at 4k.

Level 40
Uff that is tough...

The thing is 2560x1440 is so much better than 1080p I'd kind of swing towards the monitor myself....the thing is that at ultra settings the card will be outputting framerates in the mid 40s on the big titles which is perfect with a GSync monitor but then of course you wouldn't be using the top end of that monitors refresh rate....leaving that for the future when you do swap out the GPU.....but by then the 1080Ti might be out

However if you have been gaming at 1080p you will be blissfully unaware of the difference between resolutions so....the 1080 will give you high framerates (100+) even at ultra level that will give you the ability to drive your monitor at close to its top refresh rate...

Basically it comes down to how important you rate the refresh rate. If you want super high refresh rate at highest settings go 1080p and´ll even max out refresh if you turn down settings a touch...

If you would like the better resolution and a smooth gameplay with GSync despite losing refresh rate then go with the new monitor....especially since you can up the refresh rate turning down some settings

Is that a help....don't know....more like I typed out the conversation I would have in my head:o

Level 14
it all comes down to the games.
what frames you get now?
what settings you run at?

Level 7
I don't know how exactly gtx 780 oc compares to gtx 970 but i have been using 970 with pg279q for half years now does ok with high settings. Fps is close 60 in most games, some i get even 70-80. is clear more power is needed to get optimal experience so i am getting a 980ti now. Hard decision indeed. Maybe get 1070 or 980ti when they are on sale now and save a bit more for pg279q? I just did unigine heaven benchmark ultra/1440p settings without aa and got 72 fps.

Level 7
This is a hard question but...GTX 1080 strix OC. I read that it averages 2000 MHz.

ASUS GTX 1080 Strix Gaming 8 GB

Jenice Valenti wrote:
This is a hard question but...GTX 1080 strix OC. I read that it averages 2000 MHz.

ASUS GTX 1080 Strix Gaming 8 GB

Yes, it does. Mines hovers around 2000MHz - 2012MHz.

Level 40
Hey OP....don't leave us hanging....what did you go for?...:confused::)

Arne Saknussemm wrote:
Hey OP....don't leave us hanging....what did you go for?...:confused::)

Sorry bro, life came up.
Still undecided.... have a cart ready to check out but cannot bring myself to pushing it lol.
Games I play are Battlefield, battlefield & battlefield....i also record gameplay so high fps is a must.
Currently i get an average of 100fps on bf4 with high settings and would not enjoy anything less.
My biggest worry is with the gsync monitor is input lag, can anyone confirm if it is noticeable.
Fast sync sounda more preferable but i havnt had hands on with either.
Uugh i cannot decide