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What would you upgrade?

Level 7
Hey guys,
Been awhile.. just curious if you had the budget for one item which would it be ?
GTX 1080 strix OC or PG279q 1440p 165hz Monitor?
I currently have an GTX 780 OC and a VG278 1080p 144hz monitor.
Love to hear your thoughts

differential wrote:
Sorry bro, life came up.

LOL...yeah, it does that...

By the time you decide there will be new monitors and GPUs out hehe;)

Arne Saknussemm wrote:
LOL...yeah, it does that...

By the time you decide there will be new monitors and GPUs out hehe;)

lol yep, pulled the trigger on the GTX 1080
im pretty happy with my monitor setup, have to wait a month as its on back order but good timing for BF1 😄

Level 13
I'd go LCD first, Video Card second. Even the internet and other uses will be pleasing to the senses with a LCD upgrade with your 780 OC.
A GTX 1080 is overkill for 1080p and not beneficial to me to be the first thing to upgrade.
Gaming wise, you can scale down the resolution\settings if you need to until you can get the GTX 1080.
I think a GTX 1070 is also very good for 2K.

Also remember that review benchmarks have obscenely high settings for testing the limits. Many of those ultra settings 2K/4K (which eat up framerates) are not even noticeable to the naked eye.
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Level 7
Well, i had asus vg248qe before, now i have asus pg279q and i cannot notice this gync monitor would be any slower in fps games than my old tn 144hz monitor. Im not esport pro though but it's likely you are not also. I recommend this monitor it's way better than my last one.

I'd take the 1440p monitor for better picture quality but that also means upgrading your gpu and 1440p at 165Hz would require two good gpu's to come close to that depending on the game.

Your 780 might get 60FPS give or take in BF multiplayer at 1440p no AA.