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what's in your boomin ROG system right now???????

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I just love this tune.........


Maximum Grotts overdrive......


Crank this one up............MAX:..........

All the best to my German brothers....

+ return to proxycon, and i dont have to leave the house for 2 weeks..

Thinking about getting this one----------->

I got the Lil version, and it sound great..But could do with some more juice..

Every true genius is bound to be naive.
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@grottslampan i wish i was that for proffesion lol pro butt-massager (butt:p i must say i can give a pretty good massage to woman he :cool:) hahaha no i work as captain / dredgemaster in the dredging industry.
l Asus Rampage 4 Extreme l intel 3930X@ 4800Mhz (1.45volt) 24/7 l Asus matrix GTX 580 l
16GB Team Xtreem DDR3 PC3-20800 2600MHz (11-11-11-28-1)
l Coolermaster Silentpro 1000w PSU l Revodrive3 ssd l WD Raptor 150Gb (10000rpm) l Corsair H100 wc with 4 Cougar Vortex fans l CM HAF 932 Avanced case l Acer X243H 24'' l Asus RT N66U Dark Knight l Logitech Z2300 speakers

In progress the custom build PC Samurai Warrior ''Miyamoto Musashi'' in Japanese ''宮本 武蔵'' made by Pascal

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guys bring some old skool piano and flute into your lives ..and grab a bag of mitzi's
AMD FX 8350 5.1ghz 221x23
CROSSHAIR V bios 1703
g-skill sniper 1600@1800
What does it matter now if men believe or no?
What is to come will come. And soon you too will stand aside,
To murmur in pity that my words were true
(Cassandra, in Agamemnon by Aeschylus)

to see the wizard one must look behind the curtain ...

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Only me Boomin?

is it possible to thrive without a Crystalizer?

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