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What is motherboard temperature precisely and how high is acceptable?

Level 7
I bought an ROG X470-I Gaming and I'm quite pleased overall with it.
However when I run my tiny rig full tilt my thermals are borderline, I'm getting specifically quite high readings on the "motherboard temperature". In bios, this is white below 60C and then turns red above it.
Obviously when I stress test this goes quite high - but there's no listed range as to what's acceptable?
What is this sensor measuring? VRM temps?
Doing some internet searches on other ROG boards and laptops there's a variety of advice out there but most say if it's sub 80's it's ok. Anyone know for sure?
The system runs 57 C idle and ~70 C during full stress test (AIDA 64).

Level 14
I have no idea on a AMD board, it does sound quit high to me, could you please list full system specs including case and fan configuration

Full system specs:
ROG X470-I Gaming
Ryzen 7 2700
G.skill F4-3200C14D-32GTZ
Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB
Samsung 960 Pro 1 TB (installed in the top M.2 slot )

Sugo SG-06-lite Silver Stone case (it's very small, a shoe-box)
Noctua L9x65 SE-AM4 L-type low profile CPU cooler
Noctua NF-S12A case fan (replaced the standard sugo case fan)

And a few SATA connected devices that negligibly impact heat, a cd-rwr, 3 SSD.

The power supply is Sliver Stone SFX 500 W, it's a custom install and limits air-flow a bit, but also has negligible impact on heat and air flow (I've tested with it in and out of the case).

Air-flow is positive pressure, case fan blowing in, provides air to the CPU fan.
CPU fan blows onto the M.2 which then vents upwards, and as well out to the side of the case. The VRM in this configuration does not get direct air-flow, it's at the back.
Air is definitely moving around the top of the MB, including the VRM area, but it's just not directly blowing on the VRM.
I'm running Q-Fan in silent mode, but that's just the ramp up I believe and they spin up to full in short order.

I am overclocking and undervolting the CPU, overclocking the RAM.
The CPU is 3600 MHz all core and 1.05625 V.
SOC is 1.0625 V
RAM is at 3000 MHz CL 14-14-14-36, 1.3 V
All the other board voltages are auto, and from what I can tell haven't budged from factory default.

I *think* the hottest spot is near the VRM s when running, like the lower corner of the case, but that doesn't necessarily mean the sensors are there, or reading that temperature. PCL, which I think is the chipset always is in the normal. (not red in bios), likewise CPU.

Thanks for any advice!


No seriously, someone at ASUS should be able to answer this simple question. Who do I have to message/email to get a reply?

For the record, as I realize this is mostly a conversation of one, but someone might be interested in the reply I got from ASUS tech support:

Thank you for contacting ASUS product support. My name is Alexis G..

I received your email and I understand that you would like to know the safe temperature range of motherboard. Thank you for reaching us and I'm more than happy to provide you the information that you need.

For Ryzen supported motherboards like this board, it's designed to handle temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius.

If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reply to my email. Thank you for choosing ASUS products and services. Kindly save this case number for your reference. N180776443

Best Regards,
Alexis G.

ASUS Product Support

Level 14
"Motherboard temperature" is determined by where the thermal sensor is placed.

I don't know where it is on that mobo. Probably in/near the VRM or the chipset/northbridge parts. If it's the VRM then performance generally won't begin to de-rate until around ~120C, depends on the exact VRM parts and circuit implementation. If it's the chipset then performance begins throttling around maybe ~75C to ~90C, depends on the chipset particulars and any mobo-embedded functions are "hardwired" into/through it - chipset limitations tend to be roughly similar to the processor parts they're matched with.
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On my opinion, this should only below 50 °C, mine was running only 34°C when gaming such as cod ww2, battlefield iv, pubg it goes up to 40°C.

...he said " stress test " not running at 5%. Use Handbrake on a 1Tb video. After 2 hours, take a look at your temps. That's how you take a reading. 😏 Kid has no idea.