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Welcome to the New ROG Forum!

Community Admin
Community Admin

We are excited to be launching a completely new platform which is highly customizable, so look around and let us know what you think. Adjustments and improvements can be made with ease if the majority agrees. Remember, this is just a new beginning and we're glad to have you with us.

The new ROG Forum is much simpler to nagivate, post and upload files from mobile devices. The new search function combined with filters also help you find what you want, and who you want faster. 

A new ranking system will reward members who help, share, and contribute to the ROG community constructively. Some benefits include personalized avatars, post edits and deletions, blog publishing, and much more. 

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Level 9

Well for me this is a big improvement from the previous version of the forum. Some things need to be ironed out both time will do that. Now just as users need to adapt to the new environment.

Level 10

New design feels more like a comments section rather than a forum. I really can't get on with it and I suspect it will have a negative impact on community engagement. On a 4K screen it is locked to ~800 pixels in width. The best solution would be to have selectable themes so you can choose PC or mobile optimised, or at least be slightly more responsive to display types.

Level 9

Hi there, glad to have the forums back, especially after my new build z790 🙂

Just curious, I can't find the setting to show more than 3 posts on my monitor.  I used to be able to visually scan about 20 posts visually for clues and tips per page.  Am I missing something?




I Love ROG 🙂

they "broke" it with a new forum layout.

as you can see from my opinion abow im with you when it comes to the old forum style and to help ppl.

Level 9

Hi @MasterC,

rog-forum help.jpg

I'm reading the Help page  but it's somewhat confusing because I can't find some settings mentioned there (see attached image for two examples I've marked with a red dot). Maybe it's because I haven't the rank level necessary to see & use them, or perhaps the board hasn't implemented them yet? If the latter, could you please look into how this could be enabled in the forum board?




EDIT: About the signature, it appeared in my settings when I was upgraded to rank level 9 today. So I was able to put PC specs into it.


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Level 14

get back the old and more manageable forum setup.

this setup is much harder to look tru, mutch harder for those who wants to help others to look for what they need.

this current setup you have few lines compare to the old setup where you could look over with ease and help those you could help in stead of browsing pages after pages like it is now.

Level 13

Very pretty

One thing I don't understand, I set the forum to "Most recent", the most recent in 1st therefore, except that it is not the case (the 1st topic dates from 4, 5 months ago)


How to have the last active topic, in 1st?


PS: where have the pinned topics gone (at the top of the list on the forum)?

Sorry for my english 😄

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Level 7

The new forum sucks ass to be honest.
Original Poster of a thread with many pages are always the top post on all pages 👎👎👎

Replies on a page sometimes are not in order. With never replies in the middle of a page in the thread 👎👎👎

Cluttered as hell, and no edit button  👎👎👎

Newer* This is why edit button is needed



Is hard to follow a thread when posts that are newer goes to the top of the page on a thread
The 3 hour ago post should be over the 1 hour ago post. now its reversed 👎 

Also harder to see all the topics of a forum category. 

@ace7 wrote:

[...] no edit button  👎👎👎

There is an edit link in the pull-down menu at the upper rightmost corner of your post. You encircled it in the screenshot too. 🙂


Petosiris           About me  |  PC specs  |  Favorite game  |  How to make a PC specs image and link to it in your signature