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Welcome back ROG !!!

Level 18

Level 15
Got it. Any more bugs let me know.

Level 11
welcome back, I started having withdrawal symptoms, looks great

Level 15
I had no idea the bloody Forums were back up, I have a tab setup with to bring me to the Forums, but it didn't work. So I typed in a few letters from an old Forum post that got me in and I saw all the changes. I didn't even see that pic about the maintenance, though I did know it was happening since I asked on the ROG Facebook page...just had no idea when the Forums would be back up........a post on the Facebook page with the new link would have been nice 😛 and even a redirector to the new link would have been a smart idea too.

Level 9
Nice to see the ROG forum is back online 🙂
What changes were made? improvements? new forum softare?

Hope it's the last time we had to deal with that message:
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Level 18
Myk ... ... no cap. (or .c.

chrsplmr wrote:
Myk ... ... no cap. (or .c.

That's what I typed Bro, I just get a "The page you're looking for cannot be displayed" error, and yeah, just now I tried and still get that error.

Edit: I have to type in to see the Forums, or, click Forums link when I visit the main website

Level 10
Bloody cookies...I couldn't get