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Weird DPC latency issues/ram

Level 7
hey. I built my first amd computer about 2 year ago and got the x370 crosshair board and a 1700x ryzen amd computer. i got the team force dark pro 16gig ram kit to go with it. it has the samsung b-die ram chips in them. it also has the lowest 4th number in the latency of any samsung 3200 ram b-die that ive seen. thats one of the reasons i liked it. and the heatsinks fit under my cpu heatsink.
the i like to have a lot of sata ports, still use backup stuff. Ok but, since I built the computer, I've always had some issue that the computer would crash on occasion, but very not often. not enough to bother me for a while. then i started wondering what it was. anyway without a history of everything. what happened was, when i got the computer, i put it together and left everything stock on the bios. i checked it over but didnt touch any timings or voltages. left it stock and i set ram to docp, which it picked it up as 3200mhz ram 14-14-14-28 timings. and it booted. but, it had a rare crash that i sort of ignored. then it started crashing during important stuff, so i paid attention, so i seen something was messing up, and i wanted to check it out.
i done the memory tester memtest 64 tests, with the ram at stock docp timings at the time, and one stick seemed to fail while the other not? or maybe the other eventually did. anyway, so this same thing now will also crash on the motherboard. about once every 3 days now if i was to set DOCP it will crash, right now. not important what i idd then cause i barely recall it. if one stick seemed more stabile or what but..
what i ended up doing was using the dram calculator tool. and i set the memory to 3200mhz safe. I can do this now. Anyhow, then it worked. the computer stopped having the crash. memtests came back good too. then i thought maybe it was some subtimings were being read off by the bios or the rams own spd, idk.
So figured, dram calc was fixing my computer. So i go and try 3400mhz, reading my ram is quite capable of doing it and its the best performance change you can do to the computer. Then this works. for like 3 or 4 months. i dont have a crash. then one day, it starts crashing. i figure out the ram by doing memtest 64, is not taking the timings? memtest gives errors on me.
Eventually i use dram calculator to find safe 3200mhz dram timings. The computer runs without crashing. But sometimes weird things seem to happen. Could just be random quirks but. Anyway so i cant change any ram timing to anything else but 3200mhz and i have to use dram calculator to have my computer run without crashing.
This ram should be capable to handle some timing change. 3400 was retested and it doesnt hold long at all. I dont know it just doenst seem like the computer runs right. what do these dpc latency tests look like? I cant get my attachments to work.
the up and down latency on the one program is weird. it goes flat for a while there too then jumps up like a pattern. and they sometimes are a little higher sometimes a little less. and i notice donce while running something intensive, that the latency dropped to almost nothing.
i think its weird that this ram cant handle any other timings that 3200mhz timings or safe settings from the dram calculator at al, and that it crashes with docp timings. does anybody know if it could be my motherboard or ram or any idea? i also unplugged, disabled unscrewed almost everythign including all the hardrives from the computer that i could, and pattern still was going on as much. any ide a what i could do to check or if this is something normal? thanks

Level 7
i think it might be a little bit of some dpc latency issue, and the program showing in the 2nd picture the nvidia driver might be it. ihavent tested it but i wanted to update. i had bought a back up stick of ram to test this with and got it in so, i wanted to test to see what it could do. THe first picture test on this ram gives me about the same results. not super low numbers but, not very high. i get the same results in the test with the other 2 test tho. this is a dpc issue tho right isnt it that im seeing am i right? and this stick of ram i was able to use docp without any problem. not had a crash, thought i would later try to tighten its timings to see where the capabilities compared to others are and see if one point is a weak point.
3rd picture is the one i see with high computer dpc latency. which it shouldnt have that high. without somthing being a problem