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Weird ASUS Aura problem

Level 7

Have been using STRIX Z270-e for a while, and aura was working perctly with lighting effects on motherboard and RAM (G.Skill Royal)
But recently I added a case with RGB front panel and rgb strip, and faced an extremely inobvious problem.
Blue channel isn't working, while green and red operate perfectly fine. On both rgb headers, top and bottom.
I... guess (?) something is wrong on the hardware side, not with aura itself, but I have no idea how is it possible that only blue channel is dead, especially on both headers.
I checked case and strip lighting with external rgb contoroller to make sure that the problem isnt there.

So, is here anyone who ever faced similar problem? RGB channels are connected somewhere on the motherboard? What can I possibly do? Warranty on motherboard has expired 😞

Level 10
Have you tried the recalibrate function?

Re@per wrote:
Have you tried the recalibrate function?

Yes, this is how I found out that the problem is in blue channel. It lights red, turns off, lights green when calibrating,