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warranty rma worry

Level 10
ok I am a bit worried since the issue I have encountered first time rma with asus on a max v extreme motherboard I saw the bbb now has a f rating on the company mostly on warranty repairs that were done and still issues with it I wanted a good z77 board to last me for college since I am partially disabled I was disaapointed that it sound and some unstability (bios I believed)issues arised in 6 months of use yes I am going to college for computers etc I am a average builder. I have to know is this going to be a good rma experience with this company or if I am going to screwed out of my motherboard I really liked the layout even the fact it used msata which I have with win 8 on it in order for me to take the mta exam on win 8. so could anyone tell me if they had good or bad experience with their rma I insured and packed the board properly when it was sent out, even the company I bought the board from said to call them if I have a issue with asus rma so they can intervein on my behalf I am curious as to why asus has the worse rating out of all the companies that make motherboards now .:(

the tech support people were kind, helpfull and friendly aside from the hours they have, but I was able to get through just find.

Level 10
it has been determined by asus to rma their is no power to the lan nic at all no lights I am just pissed the repair department screwed my board up and that asus can learn how to be better by looking at how evga handles warranty and rma good luck cause I will not endorse or recommend any of asus products due to the mishandling on their repair department end I also contacted corporate office and filed a compliant with them and they are going to investigate why it left without being checked out for all of everything to be working add to insult the south bridge was over heating none of these new issues were present when it first went for a dead sound analog jack so thanks

Level 10
3rd rma came back with damage pcie clip on top lane so I sent it back was supposed to get cross ship but that didn't happen so now I just find out finally about a replacement so I am hoping no more headaches other than a new house soon and crossdesk to finally have a working mobo I am so tired of repair dept be warned to all rma process is definitely needing work on by the customer service dept I send well cared for product I expect you to return it the same way well cared and shipped better than just 1 inch bubble wrap and 12x13x3 box funny how their instructions say other wise 4 in of bubble wrap which means bigger box I hope this is the last I have to deal with I just want my win 8 box up and running so I can practice my win 8 mtas and focus on a+++

Level 12
I don't know why ASUS don't help people with problems, instead of just saying "no lots of people don't have problems so we won't do anything about those who do have problems"...

ok so I finally got my replacement board back today this morning I went to pick it up from fedex the box was bigger so I opened it up and saw popcorn packing in the middle I found a new board they sent to replace the the ones that were sent bad I thought it was just the board but to my amze it had all the accessories in there with so I will settle for now as a satisfied customer and stay with asus a little longer and give them their due to the manager I had that took care of me. at least so far the board is working the only issue I now ran into is my h100 died just 15 days before the warranty goes so I called it in got that rma started at least I had the stock cooler for the 3770k I ran some general test so far this board seems very solid for now I hope last a while for I am going to be learning win 8 to get mta cert on it while take my a++ again 801 missed by 15 points to pass so thank you to the rma manager to do me right :);) just in time to hopefully move to a new house on my b day coming up I hoping I intend to get the crossdesk to install my boards in and go liquid soon

Level 18
The very best of luck and fortune in all your upcoming endeavors EM66 ..
May the rest be a breeze in the park.c.