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Warranty rejected due to cosmetic damage? Anyone else receiced this BS from ASUS?

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Purchased all items early 2018. Within that list, some of your *not so cheap* products are included :
Mobo z370 STRIX Gaming E
Gpu GTX STRIX 1080ti
Display STRIX PG279Q G-Sync
In September 2018, bought a soundcard STRIX Raid Pro 2nd hand under warranty.

Found out sound having issues, tested soundcard works fine on another system. So that's 1 item off that list.

While testing the soundcard and different PSU, different PCI-E slots, discovered problem came from Mobo. PCI-E slot connectivity issue.

During testing, i managed to cosmetically scratch the light grey plastic cover of the Mobo with the STRIX Raid Pro soundcard.

21st September : Sent to retailer for RMA

1st October : Retailer told me that Supplier rejected warranty because damage to plastic cover surrounding Mosfets. Tried to get retailer to put in a good word for me as i have bought quite a number of things off them and ASUS. Retailer did spot the damage before sending mobo to suppiler. But because damage was not done to PCB iteself, so they did not put much attention to it.

16th October : Retailer told me they couldn't refund or replace due to the damage. Repair will be at their cost as a favor for me. Repair will take another 2-3 weeks.

I purchase your products because of positive reviews online and Youtube. In good faith that items work as intended. And i do understand electronic components do fail before expected time frame from time to time. Every product have a minimum of 3% failure rate in mass production.

So i do not understand why are u rejecting my warranty for cosmetic damage.

I feel betrayed by the trust i have placed in this brand to receive this response. Should i have known this are the response provided to customers, i will never have put so many of my eggs in Asus' basket

xiaokaka wrote:
You are correct. Problem with PCI-E slots. but warranty rejected because i scratched the plastic cover which is unrelated to damage. No PCB damage. refer to photo.

I do not expect warranty to cover my scratch. however, i expect warranty to cover the PCI-E slots to work as intended

Hi xiaokaka,

You may want to start a thread in the service inquiries section. If you are unsatisfied with warranty service that is a way to get ASUS to take a second look and I think this qualifies. This area is open discussion but that forum section is as close as you get to direct communication with ASUS.
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Why isn’t this being warrantied again? *Literally what Asus is saying is like saying you no longer have a vehicle warranty because you scratched your car or put a dent into the side of it. Does not compute.*

That is a cheaper plastic shroud/cover and has no effect on the motherboard at all. It’s not even close to the PCIE lanes. It’s extrenely easy to scar the those when installed a water cooling radiator or fans towards the back of the case.

This seems disappointing. **

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That's a classic bull**** excuse to rip off customer on RMA and force him to buy new product.

Things like that get solved by enough calls to Asus RMA centre and escalation to manager while quoting other known cases of bad customer treatment with BS excuses like this one and a little bit of social media coverage.

Things like that are two most common things that are done to deny RMA just like that:

- refuse to repair actual issue by finding completely unrelated non-functional damage to product

- straightly lie that product was damaged mechanically by user but refuse to prove it with photos or in other means

Nate152 wrote:
Hi xiaokaka
Unfortunately it's that way with all manufacturers.
I had an EVGA board that died on me so I sent it in for RMA, they said I put two little scratches on the pcb installing a gpu therefore RMA is void.
Since they won't RMA it and it's just a pcie x1 slot that's bad, I'd keep the motherboard and use the onboard sound.

Its one thing to scratch a PCB that is responsible for functionality of component, its absolutely different case when we are talking about accidental damage to purely cosmetic element. Nice try on tying to excuse ASUS RMA centre for this ****ty stunt.

Silent Scone@ASUS wrote:
Cosmetic damage is not covered under warranty with most vendors. The best advice one can give is to take care not to physically damage products in future if looking to return them, and that goes for all appliances.
Reading the T&C for return policies for other companies and retailers will tell you that items that are received physically damaged will be returned to sender. This is not something that's specific to ASUS products and services.

What does a scratch on piece of cosmetic damage has to do with a RMA where actual faulty thing is the PCIE slot connectivity?? OP did not ask at any point to replace the IO cover .
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