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Wait or GO! for kabylake z270!

Level 7
should i wait for z270? for kabylake? any news or rumors about z270 asus rog motherboard? other brands confirm they release a new mobo for kaby lake z270.

Nate152 wrote:
performance increase will be 5% - 10% over skylake and this is likely due to the higher clock speeds of the kabylake cpu's, I see the kabylake cpu's are good overclockers with Tweaktown showing the 7600k at 5.1GHz with 1.504v, definitely more exciting than skylake.

This should mean the 7700k should easily do over 5.0GHz.

Yes I posted the same.

Unfortunately though, at this stage, it means nothing. We can't at all say "Kaby Lake are good overclockers" or that they will "easily do over 5 GHz". Tom's Hardware got hold of a sample and were disappointed with the thermals and power consumption. And the best overclock they achieved was 4.8 GHz. A sample size of two or three CPU's and leaked results means zero.

Rather than basing our opinions on a few leaked samples, we will have to wait for a significant number of the CPU's to be available. Then we will have an idea of the average overclocking expectations.,review-3...

I do, intel says the max safe voltage is 1.52v if you can keep temps under control.

See vcore in the third section beside the first yellow mark.

Click the pic a few times to make it bigger.


Safe and recommended are two different things, though. Over time vcore will also deteriorate the CPU, not just temps. When bench marking the CPU the voltage can be turned up for a while, but for everyday use it's not a good idea.
I'd like to deploy my troops in her country.

Well they say it's safe and recommend not going over 1.52v. I've been running my cpu like this since january/february.

True, voltage is a cpu killer, I fried a 3770k by putting 1.90v through it and I shouldv'e known better. 😄

As long as you stay within Intels guidelines all will be ok.

The max temp for the 6700k is 64c but mine sometimes goes in the low 70'sc.

Level 12
I had mine run at 1.55 it will take it fine, just hacks a few life hours of the cpu 😄

I would think it could take it up to 1.65v - 1.70v but I'm not going to try it and what about the people that use LN2 certainly they're throwing the volts to their cpu's.

Wow Detleg I didn't realize you had two 1080's you have one kick butt gaming pc. 🙂

Level 12
more benching than gaming lol, when Kaby comes out I will feed it to the 6700k and see how much she can take 😄

All right, I'm interested to know at what voltage you blow it. 😄

I wouldn't go above 1.75v.

Level 12
I probably will try to fry me some bologna on it like that crazy guy did!!

Level 13
Volts=more heat. Question is can you control the heat, bologna might work....Not!

The Kabylake was a passing thought for me on my current build. Can still run it on the Z170 but My issue is every review Ive seen says they run hot. Im taking bets that I can get my 6700K to 4.8-5.0Ghz once I delid and finish the WC. Got it to 4.6 easily on 1.375 Vcore. My problem right now is heat. Most likely a combination of the H115i and the TIM under the IHS being a crappy paste and shoddy job. Delid that puppy and put some Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra on there! Back in the day I used to delid them and run them nekked and drop at least 10C. Cards are too thin and flimsy now.

In the end, Kabylake is a Skylake refresh.

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