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Volkswagen=Asus - false afirmations

Level 7
Cheating costumers, with false afirmations....

Hello community!!!
I am part of Rog Community, but feeling dissapointed about it, not because of this forum but instead of what we all have in common Rog Laptop.

I purchased a GL771 JW, (i should had stayed in the bed that day), unfortunatley i feel really dissapointed not only with the product but also with the brand.
I think for me that a gaming laptop, as the brand associates, is for gaming, but i can assure you guys that is really not true in this case.
The brand uses its strong idea that their laptops are suitable for gaming but it doesnt happen with all their Rog products (like mine)
I will adress some of the problems i have with this bad design product:

1 - In a game situation, If the battery is under 40% ( plug in charger), you have crazy fps drops ( it can jump from 60 to 20);
2 - Keyboard in first month broke ESC key ( went to repair);
3 - Every game i play (BF4, Overwatch, World of Warcraft) always overheats - temperatures average 83
4 - They advertised that with this laptop you get the performance you need for games -but it is good to remember that when laptop overheats it throtles geting the cpu to work in 800mhz instead of 3,4 ghz, so literaly is like buying a Ferrari that has 1000 hp but you can only use 50hp because it cant handle....

I try everything to cooldown this laptop, when i say everything i really did. (cooling pad, thermal paste, software, underclock, limit fps, change resolution).
Since nothing worked, and the brand only cares about the pre selling part, i decided to warn people to avoid anyone to fall in my mistake of beliving blindly in this brand.