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UPS question

Level 7
I have just bought a UPS to protect my PC files from corruption as I live in the countryside and experience power cuts more than normal. I have researched my question on the net but can't find much information about it. I use sleep mode on my PC all the time and just wanted to know if the UPS will still protect my PC while it is in sleep mode?

Level 8
UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply which means that your PC whilst it is powered through the UPS is maintained continuously whether the main power is or not present. When main power is not present, the UPS continues on its battery until it runs out.

A laptop runs like this because it has a battery which is a no break backup. Whilst it was in sleep mode I disconnected the charger then reconnected with no problem.

archie79 wrote:
just wanted to know if the UPS will still protect my PC while it is in sleep mode?

Yes. Every UPS I've owned switches to battery immediately even if the PC is drawing little to no power. The only difference will be that it should last much longer if your PC is asleep.
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Thanks for the answers guys. One other thing I wanted to ask as I have found conflicting answers during my research. I currently have all my electrical stuff connected via an Monster power surge protection extension. Is it okay to plug the UPS in to this (my UPS also has power surge protection) or should it go directly in to the mains?

Just a little update after more research. I found an article on APC manufactured UPS which says they advise plugging straight in to the mains supply. Where as although my UPS doesn't arrive until tomorrow I went on to PowerWalker's website and downloaded the datasheet on my model and between that and their support page the actually recommend plugging it in to a surge protector to protect the UPS from damage.