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upgrading motherboards / MS 10 policy changed / Digital Licence

Level 9
Hi there, every time I have upgraded my motherboard in the past I expect a problem with my Windows 10 digital licence, I have always been able to re-activate it with no problems via troubleshoot / new hardware.
HOWEVER.... today I installed Rog Max Hero XI and as usual expected the licence issue but it would not fix via troubleshoot, I contacted MS live via chat and the guy told me that since 1709 I think he said people who hold a digital licence may be required to buy a NEW ONE!
I remained polite and told him I was not aware of any new terms and conditions and it never crossed my mind after hearing the CEO of MS stating himself that upgrading hardware will not affect a digital licence.
Support was very understanding and proceeded to re-activate my digital licencee, just thought I would share this here as 99% of u build your own PC, it could have been Support was not fully aware of the legality of a digital licence and what he said was wrong, but it is worth investigating....
Windows 11 | Rog Maximus Z690 Hero | i9-14900K | Corsair Vengeance DDR5 4800mhz 64GB | MSI 4090 SUPRIM X | Apollo x16 | Quantum 2626 | ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG48UQ | H150i RGB Pro XT | AX1200i | Dark Core Pro SE | K100 RGB