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Update on sound drivers

Level 11

I just updated my sound drivers thru armory crate and now i find the volume is to low compared to the volume before i updated.

The thing is that asus install this sonic suite where i can set the current program i use to soft or extreme and adjust a volume bar. Im currently using Extreme and find it still to low.

Before the update it was perfect volume.

So now i need to increase the volume on my reciever.

The problem is when i watch animes in firefox, then the volume is super low and firefox isent presented in the volume list since it works as a over all volume. Then i crank up my reciever to a higher volume, byt then my music gets to loud and i need to volume down my reciever again..its just annyoing to have to volume up and down everytime.

Do anyone else find the volume being to low in this update realtek audio driver version 64_V6396002342_20230330B

Or any fix for this ?

I tryed to install some volume addons for firefox but it dident help anything.

Since i belive this sonic studio hard controls the volume !