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Unstable Power Supply for Mouse & Keyboard

Level 7
I am owner of an ASUS TUF B450-PRO GAMING mainboard and I am experiencing an unstable power supply to both, mouse and keyboard. It does not matter weather I am using Linux or Windows 10.

My keyboard is a professional HP Premium Conference keyboard. My mouse is a Logitech/Amazon Bulk (problem appears with both mices).

This problem appears in office mode as often as in gaming mode. The overall power supply cant be the problem.

Keyboard problem: It is eating user input. Instead of "" I get gle.o.
Mouse problem: It is stuttering. The user input is ignored from several microseconds up to some seconds.

  • If I am using both mouse and keyboard at the main USB-connections at the backside, they make a lot of trouble.
  • If I am using both mouse and keyboard at the front panel, they make a lot of trouble.
  • If I am using the mouse bluetooth connector on the front panel and the keyboard at the backside, they are working together, as long as there is no additional USB-HDD/Stick/card reader connected. Using an external drive destroys the keyboard bluetooth connection.
  • Vice versa: Using the external hdd at the front panel destroys the mouse connection. The mouse is stuttering.

In a nutshell: I can use the front panel for one device only, and I can use the backside panel for one usb device only.

CPU: AMD 3600
Power Supply: 450W Be Quiet
Tower: Pure Base 600 Be Quiet

I have the newest drivers and firmware.

Funny info: I cannot use any keyboard in the GRUB menu as long as there is no additional USB-device connected. The refresh rate of any keyboard is too high. (instead up a single stroke "up" or "down" it always gets to the end of the list.