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[UNPROVEN]Asus infecting users with pup malware ????????

Level 7
Recently, I did a random scan with malwarebytes and picked up some threats classified as PUP as shown here And this PUP Goldengate Gameo whatever sh!t can't be removed at all using malwarebytes, it just keep coming back like a boomerang.

I then did a search online and analysed the logs of the users who reported this nasty sh!t and I found one thing in common is that everyone is using the Asus System just like me ! Someone also mentioned that the malware probably came from Asus Giftbox ! If it is real then what a nice early Christmas "GIFT" from ASUS :rolleyes:

Anyway, lets just hope its a false positive between asus and malwarebytes !

Here are some of the logs that I analysed. (Use google translate if u don't understand the language)


Asus Giftbox is the culprit here. I just uninstalled it and the issue has been solved. No more threats detected after restart. But I still hope for an answer from Asus Representative that this is in fact a false positive and nothing malicious.

Hi kevin8787

I use Kaspersky and it never detects anything like that, it's likely a false positive as you say.

Asus gives you a free year of Kaspersky which is a nice gift.

Level 13
You can download a free version of Ccleaner and uninstall the gift box.

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Level 7
I've found that Malwarebytes misses a lot of threats over the years. SUPERAntiSpyware seems to be better. Personally I use Bitdefender Internet Security, so I'm adequately protected.

Level 7
Did you run it in Safe Mode ? A lot of threats aren't removable out of Safe Mode. If in fact it's a legitimate threat. Try uploading whatever file Malwarebytes claims is a threat to http//WWW.virustotalcom. It runs it through 50+ different antivirus programs.

Level 13

Thread title changed. Will change back when more than speculation is provided.

Level 12
I changed the title again, putting at the end is not obvious since the last post can't see the part at the end. I checked with my antivirus program and it's a false report, so please don't post something unless is 100% confirmed. ASUS will NOT attach any malware with any software or through any third-party software.

If someone else has found something else to further prove this, please post here and I'll pass it over to our software team to look into this further. I'll probably end up locking this thread very soon.

Level 13
Malware bytes is not perfect, nor is any other product for that matter. The only way to be 100% safe from any virus or malware is to not own a PC.

That being said malware-bytes falsely identifies a lot of threats that just are not there. Like any other tool one must look at the results and not just take it for granted that the detection tool it infallible because I'm here to tell you it is. I canned Malwarebytes from my machines and may use it if and only if I suspect something is going on. Why did I stop using it as routine and actually paying for it? When I was trying to install M$ office and it kept blocking files identifying them as PUP.OPTIONAL files then went to deleting items in my registry that were necessary for apps to run falsely identifying them.

Just do a web search for malware-bytes false positive. If you actually plan on reading all the hits I suggest taking a few months off work and ordering in food as you will be awhile. You should have more than what a third party free software has to say before posting something that is considered as a false and damaging statement. Cant speak for anywhere else but in the US charges can be filed.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

I've looked into this and it appears to be a False Positive , even when I create a text file with random junk in it Malware Byes detects the folder and the file as PUP.
Look at the video I've made: