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UK RTX 3060 Ti pre-orders sold out already.

Level 7
Was lucky enough to get a pre-order for a MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Gaming X Trio just past midnight Sat/Sun. Amazon were the only retailers in the UK left with an stock, with 3 different variants. I noticed tonight that's them all sold out already. Hope I get mine for release day and it would be nice if the price came down a bit as paid £530 for it.

Level 7
So I pre ordered my RTX 3060 ti via Amazon to avoid having to wait for ages or being held to ransom by scalpers. So Amazon told me the card was launching 02/12 and that it would get posted 03/12 next day delicery. Great. Not so, my Alexa today told me that I would not get my card now until 11/01/2021. I contacted Amazon regards this and they're saying there is currently no delivery date for my card and they will send me an email soon. It's an absolute joke.

03/12/2020 22:30

So just had contact from Amazon customer services who are saying that they took pre-orders on the basis of the number of stock promised to them by their supplier. Now the supplier is saying they can't meet demand and are unable to give them a date for new stock. The only comfort I have is that because I'm a Prime member I'm classed as a priority order. They said they should be in a position very soon to give me a date but I shall wait and see.