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(UK) RMA only with seller and not through ASUS for whole 36months (auction)

Level 7
I have been in contact with ASUS support the past few days regarding a problem with my ASUS Nvidia 1080Ti graphics card that looks to be either replaced or fixed.

Just informed today that ASUS doesn't deal with RMA's for the item for the whole of the 36months warranty and inside have to go back to the supplier but seeing as this was an eBay auction and the seller is no longer there I'm pretty stuck.

Is this true that Asus no longer deals with RMA's this way for graphics cards?

Check out this thread below. Seems in your region there is a longer retailer warranty and ASUS picks up the slack after that? Anyway, there may be the additional issue of whether the ebay seller was a legit business. If it was just some rando selling a broken used card I'm not sure if the warranty is transferable. I would approach it with support as the seller is out of business. Maybe they can be convinced.

Also, your thread has been moved. Service Inquiries is only for existing RMAs, not general questions. For that you must deal with regular ASUS support.
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