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UEFI(BIOS) Cant get into it after windows 10 install

Level 7
Hey ,
So i recently built a new computer , with 1 SDD and 1 HDD, WD GOLD , as well as a 32gb kit at 3200Mhz.
So i installed windows , but when i did it didnt detect my HDD and said my ram speed was at 2100 mhz.
Problem im having is i cant get into bios anymore.

I have tried F2 and del at boot; force restart while holding shift, going into settings and going to recovery options and clicking UEFI settings but it still wont boot into bios. Any Help would be appreciated

YabaX wrote:
go to windows and disable fast startup under power options and reboot, if it didnt work, then do the following:

disconnect your boot drive (or you can disconnect CPU FAN header) and the post screen should halt and asking you to press F1 to enter bios, go there and disable fast boot and then turn off, reconnect your boot drive and you should be good to go.

Trying that now !

(FIXED) Update finally got into bios. I disconnect the cpu fan header, and disconnect all my display ports and plugged in a hdmi onto a tv and was finally able to get the splash screen and post to be able to get into bios! Hope this helps some one else

Level 11
FYI. Would help if you told use which mobo you was using... Some of them have a 'safe boot' switch, others don't.
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