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Troubleshooting a problem that has been an issue since day 1

Level 7
Hello everyone, Im new here. I hope i posting in the correct forum.

Concern: My newly build gaming rig as nov NOV 2018, frame rate drops to point everything feels sluggish and never recovers until i have to restart the computer is and its fine for couple of hours.

Steps i've taken to attempt to resolve this issue:

- Verified thermal on both CPU/GPU ( Both of them are not throttling or seeing any danger temperatures)
- Closed any unwanted programs while gaming ( no changes)
- Reinstalled the games that i play ( no changes)
- Disable GameDVR ( no changes)
- Used Intelligent standby list cleaner to help with any memory leaks ( no changes)
- Ran scannow sfc\ ( to check for any windows errors. ( no changes)
- Reseat GPU ( for the heck of it) ( no changes)
- Weekly defragging on the games drive ( HDD) ( no changes)
- Installed a new 4TB Samsung SSD as my games drive ( no changes)
- Did a clean boot ( no changes)
- Updated to latest Nvidia drivers ( no changes)
- Updated to the latest motherboard bios( no changes)
- Made sure i am running windows build 1903 ( no changes)
- Changed windows power plan to ultra performance ( no changes)
- Changed nvidia power management mode to perfer max performance ( no changes)
- Disabled HPET in windows ( No options for that in my motherboard) ( no changes)
- Turned off any power saving settings in my BIOS ( no changes)
- Followed Yes Tech City windows optimization guide - ( no changes)
- Removed all overclocks CPU and GPU ( no changes)
- Verified that my PSU is providing enough power to the Video card

The only 2 possible ideas that i am tossing around is that something in windows is causing this issues ( i know their has been reports that some windows updates have been causing issues with game performance). or my 1080ti is a lemon.

System Specs:

Intel 8700k OC'd 5.0GHZ @1.3515V
Corsair 360MM AIO Cooler( Push/Pull Config)
G-Skill ripjaws 16GB @ 3200MHZ dual channel
Asus ROG maximus XI hero WIFI
Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme 1080TI
Samsung 970 pro NVME M.2 500GB (Boot Drive)
Samsung 860 Pro 4TB SSD (Games Drive)
WD black series 2TB (HDD) (Spare Drive)
EVGA 850W PSU Modular 80+ Gold
Acer Predator XB271HU 2560 X 1440p 144hz OC'd to 165hz

Level 7
Bump, Seeking guidance on further troubleshooting before resorting to part replacement

Figured i'd add this information


So i did a comparison of User benchmark to see if there's a difference in results and it seem that my 1080ti is seeing about a 45 percent loss according to this bench mark. again this is after a reboot. see image below. The million dollar question is my GPU at fault? See link below

Figured id make an update.

Bought a 2080ti and it has resolved my issue. no more frame drops. sent my 1080ti for rma.