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Top 3 Game Recorders to Use

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Gaming is what all of us are passionate about. There are hundreds of games that we can play on our computers, but gaming will not be that fun without capturing the actual gameplay. By doing so, we can share our latest achievements, tricks, and techniques that we want to impart to our friends. I personally love to record game footage that is why I decided to share the best recording applications that I’m using. Without further ado, here are my top screencast tools in no particular order.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

This is a lightweight screen recorder that does not require any software installation and download, for it is a web-based application. By using this tool, users can record any screen activities including games, video chat, streaming video, etc. This screen recorder features various recording modes, supports different audio sources, and it has embedded annotating tool that can be used in emphasizing something while recording. It even has the capability to produce picture in picture recording, which is what users need in adding game commentaries.

Pros: Has a lot of functions aside from recording.
Cons: It relies on the internet connection for it to work.



This screen recording app is capable of capturing gameplay and screen activities as well. With this app users can record video clips in smaller size, it also enable continuous recording for 24 hours, and it supports 4k Ultra HD recording. Once done recording, this app has an uploading function that will aid you in directly sharing your videos to hosting sites like YouTube. In my experience this program is perfect for those who want to keep a recording in smaller file size.

Pros: Provides a maximum frame rate of 120 frames per second.
Cons: Some lag can be experienced while saving a clip during an actual gameplay. There are also times wherein it captures annoying background noise from somewhere.


In terms of gaming, Fraps is one of the popular applications out on web. This application is available in paid and free versions. But unlike other free applications, its free version has a 30 second limitations. So if you want a longer recording, then you can do it by dividing the recording session per 30 sec. With Fraps, users have 2 recording modes to choose from, a mode for capturing desktop activities, and the other one for recording games via DirectX.

Pros: Provides good video quality and it has fast FPS filming.
Cons: In produces large file size and constant lagging is experienced by most users.

Those are the top screen recorders on my list, which I based on my own personal experience. Hope you can also share your list of screen recorders that you love to use. Thanks for stopping by!:)

Level 11
The Apowersoft Recorder looks user-friendly enough:

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' Kicker;549263' wrote:
I use OBS for streaming and recording.

Can this aptly record your Star Citizen gaming sessions?
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Thank you for your kind sharing. My sis and I also use Joyoshare Screen Recorder to record WOW gameplay and then upload it to YouTube. It helps us record screen in 1080p with no watermark and latency.

Level 7
In fact, the best one is OBS, but it is more difficult to use, and non-professional users can't use it. If it is easy to use, I think Geekersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is the best.

For easy recording I prefer Nvidia Shadowplay, it can record up to 4k resolution.