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the last letter from a former asus customer

Level 7
Dear Sir or Madam,
First, I wish to introduce myself. My name is Jared Donnelly. I am a ten year Army Combat Veteran with one year in Iraq. After my tour of duty I became disabled. My only option for working was to start a business from home. So this year, I started Brookhaven Computer Solutions out of my home. It’s a small business, on track to see about 300 customers this year and about 10 completed custom computer builds. I have continued to live my life and run my business by the Army values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.

In December, I built my own computer to get my business started. I purchased the ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA VI motherboard due to its reputation as a top of the line piece of equipment that would be reliable and of the utmost quality for a computer that would be the lifeline of my business. I began to have issues this month and had to request an RMA to have it repaired/replaced under warranty. I wrote a letter to customer service. They replied and said they would need a serial number off the motherboard. Due to the poor placement of the serial number sticker (behind the cpu socket were all gamers put heatsink braces), it was damaged by the back of the heatsink and only a portion of it is now readable. After inquiry on the ASUS website, I was given three options for finding my serial number. 1) find the sticker on the motherboard, 2) find the serial number on the box, or 3) the serial number could be found in the BIOS. I offered the serial number off the box to the customer service representative, but he said per the policy given to them it must come from the board itself and if I was not able to get that I would have to pay $120 to have the board “reserialized”. My question to you is why would ASUS give these three options for finding your serial number if they are not acceptable forms of identification for an RMA.

The other strange thing about this is that I am of the understanding that this board comes with a 3 year warranty. Per the press release from ASUS dated 27 July 2013, this motherboard was new as of that date; therefore, would still be under the 3 year warranty regardless of the serial number.

I am writing to let you know my disappointment in the service that I have received from ASUS. Although all of the customer service representatives I spoke with were professional and courteous, it appears that those making the policies have made it very difficult from them to provide the level of service I would expect from a company like ASUS. Although I own a very small business, I don’t think that ASUS should ever overlook the power of poor word of mouth reviews. I cannot continue to use or provide service on ASUS products because frankly, I am afraid that because of your poor RMA policies, the service that I will be able to provide my customers with will be subpar. This is disappointing as I have held your products in high regard in the past. I sincerely hope that this may encourage you to take a look at how your mission statement, policies, and information on your website seem to contradict themselves. As a business owner, I would want to be made aware of these issues so that I might have the chance to correct them. I am attaching the links for the information sited in my letter. It makes me sad that a respected company like ASUS is compromising customer service and quality for the sake of profit.


Jared Donnelly
Brookhaven Computer Solutions

ASUS mission statement

Long-term Relationships
Whether they are our customers, the media, shareholders or consumers, we believe in growing with our partners at all levels. Maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders is one of the most important factors of our continued success.
Press Release
Instructions for finding serial number

Level 40
Please contact one of the guys with @ASUS in there names or CL

I am sorry that you had such a hard time of it, just for your information the serial numbers on the box and your motherboard are exactly the same.

Contact this guy please cl-Albert
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 13
Drop an email and paste what you did here. You can quote I directed you.

The box serial policy as far as I am aware exists to prevent situations where the wrong board is assigned to a box at end-user OR retailer level. Instances would include open box items or second hand items which are technically out of warranty with the onboard sticker removed (for whatever reason), placed in a box with a different serial number to circumvent warranty stipulations. This gives rise to all sorts of issues down the line - especially so if the real board shows up in RMA at a later date from a different customer.

As illogical as the rules seem, they are usually formulated when these situations arise.

Sadly, the misdeeds of the dishonest trump the genuine these days. However, in your case, this should be sorted out.