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The future Rog 8 ultimate

Level 7

What do you guys hope this phone will have? I wanted to get the 7 but it just was not justified for me at the moment. (I have S22 ultra but i dislike it) go crazy on your dream rog 8 ultimate phone. Maybe they'll even give it a 👀

Me personally is a more modern take the the futuristic design, the rog touch with their innovation on the back panel more coverage for custom desgins(id slap damascusskin on it lol). Hope to see maybe a micro sd card, they could do something cool where it pops in and out like a cartridge,  have the cartridge hold the mechanism so its replaceable, maybe a sliding lock button to prevent accidental ejects. A cool one qould be a subtle glow that isnt visible unless youre looking at the specific area, that being the usb c ports and 3.5 jack. Telephoto camera because theyre very useful. Though most of these are far fetched, this last one is even further. Sliding game pad like the xperia play. Okay maybe that one is completely unrealistic but i hope to see what they come out with