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Suggestion: Universal RF Receiver to minimize USB dongles ("better" ROG Omni Receiver)

Level 7

Announced back in July, with the Scope II 96 (I guess I missed it at the time), I just wanted to say that I'm really encouraged by this "Omni Receiver" idea, though it seems like a bit of a half-measure? My naïve-gamer-brain thinks it would be a great idea for ASUS to develop a beefed-up, "sold separately" version of this which allows any ROG wireless peripheral to connect, instead of just a specific mouse and keyboard.

If it were possible to combine my headset, keyboard, mouse, and even the Raikiri controller into a single USB RF receiver with full-polling rates across all of them, I'm sure that'd be a big tech win, space-saver, and incentive for consumers to run with multiple Asus peripherals. That said, I'm guessing the limitation might be the amount of throughput that a single USB port can accommodate. I would have thought most of the new USB-C standards would be capable of that sort of thing though...?

I've included the Omni Receiver introduction and FAQ links below, in case anyone was else was interested in the future potential for this accessory: 

Feel free to shoot-down this idea too of course. I'm sure someone else on this forum can explain the RF/USB limitations better than I can ‌‌🙂