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Suggestion: New ROG display models

Level 7

I think these two models should be considered:

24" / 1080p / 144Hz / IPS / GSYNC or Freesync (but only if 30~144Hz range support) / Price: $499~$549


24" / 1080p / 165Hz / True 8bit TN-panel / GSYNC or Freesync (but only if 30~165Hz range support) / Price: ~$449

Reasons / Arguments:

- The enthusiast gaming market is so highly focused on 1440p right now but this is a very small niche market since the price of the range is out of range for vast majority of customers. Not to mention the cost to maintain a powerful system to be able to take advantage of the higher refresh rates.

- e-Sports: This kind of monitor (especially the 165Hz TN panel version) would dominate the e-sports events all over the world. 24" / 1080p is a suitable size for professional gamers due to the field of view. 1440p / 27" is already pushing it in terms of FOV, your brain can only focus on a reasonably small area on the screen at a time. The professional gamers also tend to sit very close to the monitor which further emphasizes this issue.

- IPS isn't fast enough to properly take advantage out of 165Hz while TN panels can, further making a great separation between those two models, one which favors proritizing of gaming performance and one all-of-a-kind model which is still bloody good for gaming (but doesn't break your bank like 1440p does).

- There's a hole in the market in this 24" 1080p "top-of-the-line" segment, it only exists in 1440p currently, the manufacturer first bringing this goodness to 1080p / middle price segment will have a lot customers.

- GPUs haven't catched up in performance yet to be able to maintain 1440p 144Hz goodness at a reasonable price. IMO, you need to invest roughly into a single GTX 980-class GPU ($500+ priceclass) every 1-2 years (make it 3 or so years if SLI) which is only a handful of customers of the market as a whole since the big market share lies in the ~$250 or so GPU segment. And today I cannot recommend 1440p 144Hz to a $250 GPU customer but for 1080p it's right there on the border that it provides "reasonable" experience.

- Bigger is not always better, it's subjective and there's always a point where big gets too big. We've seen this in smartphones already. For a lot of customers, 4.5 ~ 5" is the perfect size since beyond that they start thinking it's too big to be convenient to use. The same goes for computer monitors, you have to start turning your head more and you've got a harder time to focus on the action happening on the screen as a result when gaming.

- I've followed youtube and forum comments and I've seen quite some 1080p IPS GSYNC 144Hz demand

Of course I don't expect you to be able to give any specific answers and it's not entirely in your hands since the panel manufacturers obviously also have to release such a display spec as well. What I'm more interested in right now is whether how much of an interest ASUS has in bringing such a product into the market. I think my arguments here are all very valid so I'd be curious to hear your opinion.

I personally really would like to have such a display, I upgraded to LCD at the end of 2009 myself to the first 120Hz displays and still rocking it to this date, 1680x1050 res only but I'm upgrading GPU roughly once every 2 years to a 250~$350 class GPU at which I don't think 1440p will be worth it for me. So I've been holding out like forever for either a premium TN panel 1080p 24" GSYNC or IPS but it never seems to come so I'm getting so desperate that I need to reach out to manufacturers themselves, present my valid arguments and concern that 1080p might have been forgotten about when it shouldn't be, not yet.

Level 14
g-sync = nvidia
free sync = amd
get the monitor that supports your gpu and your price range.

kkn wrote:
g-sync = nvidia
free sync = amd
get the monitor that supports your gpu and your price range.

What does that have to do with anything of this post? 😛 I'm only suggesting monitors which I'd hope hope ASUS (or anyone else but I think ASUS is most fitting candidate) would be interested in bringing out suggested spec monitors.

The topic title perhaps could be better to avoid missunderstanding. Changed the topic a bit.