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strix x99 rant

Level 14
sorry but i have to rant some..............

after one month of use my mobo died on me.
all was stock exept ram who was on XMP profile.
even bought a brand new PSU since i tought it was the old one ( 3 year old 1200W PSU ) and no dice.

i get the lights on on the mobo and pcie bridges ( pulsing ) and on start and reset button on the mobo it self.

when i click "boot" button i only hear a "click" on the PSU and nothing else happens.

ive disconnected PSU and battery over 1-2 days and no go.

so as of now i sent an RMA for the mobo about 10 mins ago. so will see what they figure out when i get the OK to send it in.

this is the first time it ever happened on me the past 7 years and 3 mobo ( this is my 4'th ) from asus.

Level 40
Oh man!

When this stuff goes wrong it's a right royal PITA!

Hope The rest of the system is OK! Hope return is fast!


Level 11
Sorry kkn, I hope everything gets resolved.
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